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"Cerule Products Do Not Heal or Cure Anything.
They assist the body to release it's OWN Stem Cells

"Cerule Products GUARANTEE"
In New Zealand and Australia.

Use the Products for up to 30 Days and IF you are NOT completely satisfied, RETURN the empty/part empty containers and get a FULL refund on the cost of your product!

So what have you got to lose? N  O  T  H  I  N  G ! 

AND Everything to G  A  I  N  !

Before you view the Testimonial Videos, may I suggest that you view the first video that explains a bit on HOW and WHY this product works.

It goes for just over 6 minutes and it is delivered by 85 year old Dennis Kluver who got rid of his Prostate problem. I hope that you appreciate just WHAT we have got our hands on!!

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To UNDO that, just place your curser onto the video, you will see a small blue square in the middle and at the right side of the frame and when your curser is ON IT, it will READ "Picture In Picture".
Now, RIGHT "click" and select PLAY.

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These Video testimonials are from the many individuals who have benefited so much from taking our wonderful products. Products that work...

The first one is a series of testimonials from Dennis Kluvers Team Members as they give their personal experiences.
If this story does not excite you, then feel your pulse, because you may not have one!

The next video is from Bart Kay who is a Nutritionist and Physiologist with 25 years experience. Bart gives his own testimonial of Macular Degeneration as well as describe our products and the LATEST RESEARCH information on our wonderful exceptional products.
WOW! Mind blowing information! I have always said that most of our member DO NOT REALLY APPRECIATE JUST WHAT WE HAVE GOT OUR HANDS ON!!
Not only is the release of our very own Stem cells done NATURALLY, reverse our health conditions AND the ageing process, but ALSO builds up our IMMUNE SYSTEM!!!

Bart Kay gives a testimonial about his mother who suffered from Ankylosing Spondylitis and TIS's (Mini Strokes)

These Video testimonials are from the many individuals who have benefited so much from taking our wonderful products. Products that work...

The next one from Mr Johan Pienaar and his Cardiovascular story where he had 5 Heart attacks in ONE WEEK!. He lost the use of 40% of his arteries on the left side of his heart and lost the use of 100% of the right hand side!
If this story does not excite you, then feel your pulse, because you may not have one!
(Massive Heart Problems.)
You can read Johan's written story... "Click here".

This is Johan Pienaar's LATEST VIDEO Update ... Johan has been telling EVERYONE of his Remarkable and life saving testimonial using Stem Enhance and is now a TRIPLE DIAMOND DIRECTOR. (Hence the 3 diamonds at the bottom of the screen)
Well done Johan! I am very proud and happy for you - Ron.

This is Tim Meredith´s testimonial using Cerule CyActive Anti Inflamatory product for his Chronic Fatigue.

This is a NEW Testimonial from Dr Ian Ross a retired Doctor of Dentistry who has been suffering from PARKINSON'S DISEASE for FIVE years! Dr. Ian Ross even lost his voice and was no longer able to sing in his local church choir. That is until he discovered StemEnhance and now ALL his symptoms have GONE!!!... and he is back to singing with his church choir!! A marvellous testimonial and an inspiration to all of us to pass this testimonial on to OTHER PARKINSON SUFFERERS.

NOTE: Turn your speakers up to hear Dr. Ian Ross as he is speaking through a mobile phone.

This is short but powerful one from Mr Shan, a Chronic Diabetic Suferer. Not only has it helped his Diabetes but also many of his other health challenges too. (Muscular Pains - Cellulitis.)

This is the testimonial of Albert, who too is a Diabetic Sufferer. Another good testimonial.

Here is AL Nalley's testimonial, also a Diabetic Sufferer. Watch the amazing results that Al has videoed for us.

Christina from Sydney Australia, tells her testimonial of Kidney Failure and recovered from her condition with stem cell nutrition.
Also her Vericose Veins are gone, has a lot more Energy and lovely Skin as a result of taking StemEnhance.

Phil's story. A man who was unfortunate to be born with so many health conditions! (Spina Bifida, Spinal Stenosis, Poliosis and Osteoarthritis.)

Ms Kathy Jaker is a Master Athlete in Track and Field events as well as playing Soccer. Kathy shares her experiences in using StemEnhance and as a result of taking StemEnhance, she has more energy, more Stamina and has a quicker Recovery from her Athletics and Soccer involvement. Kathy has 3 World Records!

Brenda Osnaya was a National Inline Skating Champion until her accident left her a Paraplegic, paralised from the waist down. Brenda is now a Paraplegic competitor. Watch her remarkable story and experience using StemEnhance and StemSport.
Brenda now has more Vitality, more energy, more Stamina and experiences very Restful Sleep.
A very moving testimonial.

Testimonials from Australia.

We welcome Your testimonial so that it can be added to this list.
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please inform us of your condition,
How long you have suffered it,
What products you are taking and in what quantity... and a PHOTO if possible please!


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