The Strength of any Marketing Plan is in its ability to provide a dependable income for EVERY MEMBER OF THE TEAM! Cerule has such a Plan!

A huge amount of research went into designing Cerule's Marketing Plan. Of paramount importance was the need to pay bonuses to ALL Distributors (not just those at the top) in a fair and rewarding manner.

Cerule's Marketing Plan has proven itself to do just that.

Our plan will help you make money -- whether you consider yourself a "New Comer" to Networking, or one of those we refer to as a "Heavy Hitter". YOU BOTH BENEFIT!

Now VIEW the Explanation of our Simple Pay Plan below.

NOTE: These Commission Values in the Video are in US Dollars. The NZ Dollar payout is HIGHER.
Example: Video shows US$100 Bonus payout on the FASTSTART 6 Pack. In New Zealand it is NZ$140.

Press on the (bottom RIGHT hand corner) to expand the video to Full Screen and press it again to REDUCE the screen.

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