I am an Independent Business Owner with a Company called Cerule.
This Website which is designed and built by me, is to make you aware of a great business opportunity that is available, marketing natural wellness products. The products mentioned in my Website are not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. It has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

You should always consult a health professional about any disease. You should also consult with your Doctor before discarding the use of any drug. If your Doctor does not want you to use quality nutritional supplements, you might want to seek out a holistic practitioner (or Doctor) who knows more about antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

This Website is designed to be informative and educational as well as giving the average person the opportunity to join in a fantastic home based business. The testimonials are from actual people who have tried the products and have given their own experiences of the results that they have achieved.
This Website is also a means to communicate with all those in my team by way of the monthly "Frontline" Newsletter, which is designed to be informative, educational and motivational. It is solely designed and written by myself with the aim of assisting them with building their home based business.
The opinions in my website and the "Frontline" Newsletter are those of mine unless otherwise stated.

This Website has not been evaluated nor endorsed by Cerule, and is solely my own creation.

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